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02/10/23 THEY PERFORM THEIR LOVE FOR THAT GAZE. 01/10/23 nobody's son nobody's daughter 01/10/23 i hope october is kind to me 30/09/23 what the fuck are modular forms! 30/09/23 I THOUGHT HE WAS A MAN BUT HE WAS JUST A LITTLE BOY 30/09/23 life spirals and the game is rigged 28/09/23 so please, please, please, let me, let me, let me, let me get what i want this time 27/09/23 i can't remember a time where i wasn't afraid of something dreading something or anticipating something that had yet to arrive 26/09/23 feeling sin y - cos x = sin y^{2} - cos x^{2} atm 24/09/23 "making meaning outside of capitalistic modes of meaningfulness (productivity, success, wealth) while making meaning that is both meaningful to your individuality and at odds with hyper individualism" 24/09/23 i do not care about the roman empire i only care about love 23/09/23 there is no system of axioms which can embrace the whole of nature, or for that matter the whole of mathematics ... therefore cannot attain the great wish that we have had ever since the days of Thomas Hobbes and Newton: we will never be able to exhibit the whole of physics one fine day as a gorgeous system with a six axioms and a few operations 23/09/23 girl math is multiplying with roman numerals 22/09/23 it's life that matters, nothing but life—the process of discovering, the everlasting and perpetual process, not the discovery itself, at all 22/09/23 Do you know what a supernova is? 21/09/23 effort is a risky business, riskier than hoping or wanting something you can never have 19/09/23 It should be enough. To make something beautiful should be enough. It isn't. It should be 18/09/23 need a date so we can go as fiona apple and a paper bag for halloween 17/09/23 nothing hits harder than listening to ayesha erotica and zutomayo whilst integrating for an hour straight. would be even better if i could put spotify on 2x speed 16/09/23 ok but should we let catholics inside womens toilets 16/09/23 rousseau ate when he said "It is my test of character. There you have the despotic instinct of men. They do not like cats because the cat is free and will never consent to become a slave. He will do nothing to your order, as the other animals do." 15/09/23 it didn't last long 15/09/23 madness is no longer all i feel. feeling rather at peace right now but i fear this will not last long! 12/09/23 madness is, at this point, all i feel. delusion disguised by confidence and self worry. i've grown tired to always feeling this way. i can definitely say it's the violence keeping itself chained 11/09/23 you'll say you understand but you don't understand, you'll say you'd never give up seeing eye to eye, but never is a promise and you can't afford to lie 10/09/23 there is beauty in relating to others that individualism can't reach. we are far more similar than we are different 09/09/23 i wish i wrote the way i thought; obsessively, incessantly, with maddening hunger 07/09/23 art for art's sake. 06/09/23 this too will pass 05/09/23 'my unworthy useless self praises god in all his glory though i be but a horrid wretched sinner whos only hope be in the salvation of christ' they say in unison 05/09/23 why am i so wise? why am i so clever? why do i write such good books? why am i a destiny? - z 04/09/23 apparently there's more than one pope. crazy world we live in 03/09/23 a morbid longing for the picturesque at all costs 02/09/23 "live laugh love" - Karl Marx 01/09/23 it begins with a song. everything sings. the universe sings for you. the whole universe is humming, setting landmarks in the immeasurable flow of time. - kepler, some time in the 16th century 31/08/23 even if it may be fruitless i like the feeling of walking towards the mountain, the mountain of one day i might make a beautiful thing and i am unfathomably lucky for having this compulsion even if it spirals off into borderline madness and self pity and the depths of the valleys of the highlands 30/08/23 dostoevsky would have loved the smiths 29/08/23 i still crave summer but i crave summer five years ago 29/08/23 i have reason to believe that the cats in my neighborhood are plotting something. expect a major life update soon. 28/08/23 sisyphus was definitely into edging 27/08/23 and it feels like yesterday was a year ago 26/08/23 jealousy, turning saints into the sea 25/08/23 first as tragedy, then as tragedy 24/08/23 do not engage with me. i am better as a concept 23/08/23 i see you in the hallways and i see you as i rush around the corner and sometimes i think about you glimpses of you passing through my head for the briefest of moments 22/08/23 to what extent do economic factors underpin the social issues in society? 22/08/23 to love life, to love it even when you have no stomach for it 21/08/23 im a highschool lover, and you're my favourite flower 20/07/23 "male loneliness epidemic" shut the fuck up 17/08/23 another day passes 15/08/23 i believe that i am on earth to make art consume art and be art. the world is beautiful 13/08/23 what would sandy liang do? 10/08/23 god challenged me by adding seams to clothing 02/08/23 to dedicate your entire existence to your craft. to truly appreciate and understand, to master and manipulate 30/07/23 The proof is trivial and left as an exercise to the reader 29/07/23 nothing is more powerful than a girl with a sense of delusion 28/07/23 passion shining through their expression and their insatiable yearning to discover the seemingly irrelevant secrets of the universe the persistent seeking of answers 23/07/23 i'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies, i'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife 19/07/23 real world application this real world application that shut the fuck up 10/07/23 all roads that lead to you as integral to me as arteries that pump the blood that flows straight to the heart of me 09/07/23 they say that the world was built for two, only worth living if somebody is loving you