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2nd feb 2024:
added "reviews.html", a place for film reviews. added a "media" folder which will include my music, film, and (eventually) book pages.

26th dec 2023:
added "journal.html", to replace the current diary i have on my homepage as something that gives me more creative freedom and space to add images and music

20th nov 2023:
added "rooms.html", some experimental collages. perhaps to satisfy my sudden urge to own a beautiful home

19th oct 2023:
added links page for monthly links including interesting articles and pieces of writing i've discovered online that are worth sharing or i think i'll read again in the future

26th sep 2023:
made more style changes to the blog, added a toggle font option and changed dimensions a little.
need to paste in some more posts that i'm almost done with!

2nd sep 2023:
new blog posts!!
made some styling changes to the blog page, increased contrast and font sizes a little. i still want to make it a bit easier to read though, but i'm not sure what direction to go in atm.

30th aug 2023:
reformatted journal with detail tag, and added some new entries

23nd aug 2023:
changed the color scheme from space themed to something softer. i prefer this softer color scheme and i think i'll be able to do more with it creatively
redid the "cover" page in the main tab, to include information and more graphics

22nd aug 2023:
font and small layout changes
new (first) blog post!

8th aug 2023:
small formatting changes. pasted in journal content.

5th aug 2023:
updated site layout (lover.os -> lunospace)!! fixed lots of messy code, hopefully it'll make future updates easier.
finally made an updates box

2nd aug 2023:
made some progress on the command prompt/terminal tab. i need to work out what it'll be used for in the future, also need to add more commands!

site to do list
- add a pixel garden page
- add a notepad tab with ascii art
- add more links to mutuals and sites i like
- decrease image sizes
- make some changes to improve readability (fix contrast isses in some places)
- some sort of music player? maybe at the bottom of this "information" tab
- maybe redo the theme 23/08/23